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  • peter dennis

    hello John
    I have done the South to north in 2003 in November with no RAIN

    i am planning to CYCLE Singapore to Bangkok and the only travel slot is 29 jany > 28 feb 2011

    Am concerned about EAST coast MONSOON RAIN

    Any comments please?
    would i be better to choose another desination to find the DRY & HOT?

    how about accomodation in KOTA TINGII ?
    hoping you can help
    best wishes

  • admin

    Hi Peter,
    I read that the monsoon on the east coast of Malaysia is from late October till early March, so you would be going during the monsoon. It is not at all impossible to do, but you will get wet, and the attractions (islands etc.) are more or less closed…The western side of Malaysia is probably better, but is supposed to have more traffic.
    Actually if you are not required to go trough Malaysia, I would take another country during that period.

    If you have 1 month in January/February and would like a warm climate (but not insanely hot), then Thailand (on the south-western coast or north of Koh Tau on the eastern coast) or Laos are nice places to go. Thailand is more developed, but Laos has some nice mountains.

    I cant really recommend Cambodia as people drive like crazy.

    I would like to follow the coast from Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi in Vietnam, but has not done this trip myself. I am not sure about the weather in Jan/Feb.

    Hope this helped!

  • Ole

    Hej John,

    Jeg kom til at tænke på dig. Jeg vil ønske dig et rigtig godt nytår. Billederne fra NZ ser bare super flotte ud. Hvornår foventer du at tage hjemover?

    Mange hilsner

  • admin

    Ole: Mange tak og i lige måde 🙂
    Og tak for kommentarerne om billederne (det er trods alt en af de store grunde til at jeg er på tur) 🙂
    Jeg vender næsen hjemad igen den 12 april. Jeg fik mit visum forlænget fordi jeg kunne se at det var helt umuligt at se ‘hele’ NZ på 3 mdr (på cykel)!
    Hilsen 🙂

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